The Crew

Name: Hachi - Chief Dog Officer 

           IG @hachithecutebarker /

About: *Loves to bark 

           *Crazy about peanut butter and ice cream

           *Has OCD (toys have to be all around)

           *In a complicated relationship

           *Considering joining Tinder

           * Spends her salary on Christian Louboutin                  bags


Name: Teddy

About: *Heart breaker

           *Crazy about homemade PB & banana cookies

           *Prefers dogs to humans

           *Hachi's best friend

           *Loves to take selfies

           *In love with a squeaky dragon bought at                    Bed, Bath & Beyond

Name: Nugget IG @Nuggetmeetstheworld

About: *Sweetest Toy Poodle

           *Hachi's newest lover

           *Loves belly rubs

           *Spends his allowance on cookies

           *The youngest member of Amores Perros'                   family

           *Professional cuddler 

Name: Simon Bates - IG @simonbatesnyc

About: *Loves to walk the streets of Hell's Kitchen

           *Enjoys painting and arts work

           *Central Park is his favorite place

           *He fosters other doggies


           *Greets all doggies in the street 

Name: Bergdorf - IG @bergdorfnewyorkie    

About: *Won "Cutest Ears" contest in NYC 2017

           *The most stylish pup you'll ever meet

           *Never stops playing, not for a second

           *Loves squeaky toys, especially balls

           *Spends most of his money in Bergdorf                      Goodman and in Dog & Co.

Name: Fabio - IG @lavitadefabio

About: *The youngest of the crew

           *Comes to Amores Perros NYC all the way up              from Williamsburg because we are so cool!

           *Professional sniffer 

           *Work hard, play hard

           *High resemblance to the actor "Fabio"



7: 30 am - 6 pm


Boarding only



Close to 58th and 9th Ave.

Hell's Kitchen (ask about our specific location)

New York, NY 10019
T / 410-714-9062




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